Costa della Sesia Lessona 2010 Proprieta Sperino

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The cold, snowy winter was followed by an unusually cool spring, late vegetative phase and some localised frost. The summer was also quite cool, but with a very good number of sunny days and the right amount of rain, and along with the natural thinning caused by the spring frosts led to an extraordinary and slow ripening of the grapes. The harvest was late, but in ideal conditions. The result is a vintage amongst the most classic in terms of the aromatic complexity, maturity and fineness of the tannins, and the right degree of freshness. Certainly a complex wine, enjoyable when young but that will be extraordinary once aged.
Vineyards The grapes for this wine come from the Ormeggio and Castagnola vineyards in Lessona in the Orolungo region, the Covà vineyard in Castello and the Monfalcone vineyards.   Soil In the Lessona vineyards, soils comprise marine sands from the pliocene period on igneous rock, mixed with more recent glacial sediment.  The soil is acid (pH 4.5 - 5.5) rich in minerals and trace elements including iron, manganese, aluminium and zinc.  Vines 95-100% Nebbiolo. Rootstocks 3309-C, Gloire de Montpellier, 101-14, Gravesac, Rupestris du Lot. Plant density 5.000 vines per hectare. Altitude Lessona: 290-350 metres above sea level. Harvest From 19th to 27th October 2010. The grapes are hand picked into small boxes. Vinification The grapes are sorted while on the conveyor belt, then destemmed and gently pressed then fed by gravity into the fermentation tank. Fermentation with natural yeasts in open topped wooden fermenters.  Skin maceration lasts 30 days, with regular punching down of the cap. The wine then remained 20 months sur lie. Ageing The wine ages in barrique, barrel and oval 15 hectolitre casks for 40 months. Bottling: end of May 2014. Further ageing in bottle for some time before release.

Fournisseur : Italie Piemont

Fabricant : Sperino

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