Nero baronj 2012 Gulfi

Nero d'Avola - rouge - 75cl - 2012

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NEROBARONJ is a classic cru of the Nero d'Avola grape variety of Pachino. Production area: Val di Noto, the territory between the communes of Pachino and Noto in southeastern Sicily

VIGNA BARONI extends for about 3 hectares along the road of the same name in the southeasternmost corner of Sicily in the Val di Noto (Siracusa) at about 50 metres above sea level. The climate in this area, further south than Tunis, is temperate-hot Mediterranean. The plant density is 7000 vines per hectare grown ad alberello. The more than 30 year-old vines yield no more than 40 quintals per hectare .

2012 De 30 a 50 euros Italie Sicile Gulfi Baronj