Vin de Liqueur des Marches Visciola Luigi Giusti

Vin de Liqueur - 50cl - 12.5°

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The wild cherries, Viscole, come exclusively from the Marche region and are selected when over-ripe.  After the harvest of the wild cherries the cherry stones are removed but the wild cherries are never pressed.  The first step is the fermentation of the wild cherries in sugar. The cherries ferment under the sun for 40 days in large 25 liter bottles.  The cherries are stirred daily.

 In September, during the harvest of the Lacraima di Morro d’Alba grapes, the second step begins.  When the fermentation of the Lacrima di Morro d’Alba starts, the syrup of the cherries is mixed into the must of the Lacrima. 

The wine stays in fermentation with the cherries for four to five weeks.  

At the end of this second fermentation a small part of the Lacraima di Morro d’Alba wine with the syrup is place in wooden barrels for 12 months.   After 16 months, the unfiltered and un-clarified products are then rejoined during the bottling, with a hint of Wild Cherry wine syrup to complete its harmony.

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